True Learning – Yudhisthira Story in English (How To Do Study)

What is the Real Learning of Lesson  Yudhishthira Wisdom Story

yudhisthira story in english

How to study, learn the way of real learning by the great wisdom Yudhisthira story.

When the Pandavas and the Kauravas were young, they were sent to Guru Dronacharya’s ashram to study. Several other little princes were also enrolled in the ashram. They lived in the ashram with their teacher and learnt how to read and write, play games and use the bow and arrow.

There was an atmosphere of keen competition among them. Each one wanted to be the best in all the subjects that were taught in the ashram.

They wanted their teacher to praise them. They studied hard and the teacher was happy with his pupils. One day, in the middle of summer, Guru Drona had to visit another town for some work.

He expected to be away for several days. He called all his students and told them he would not be around for a few days, and gave them few lessons to to study while he was away. Dronacharya returned a fortnight later.

The next day he called the students to the classroom. They came in laughing and talking. Everyone was happy. They had all worked on the lessons and knew that their teacher would be very happy with them.

After the class had settled down, the guru asked the boys to tell him what and how much they had studied while he had been away. Each prince came forward and explained how hard he had worked.

One had studied three lessons, another four, yet another five and so on. The guru beamed at them as one by one each student stood up and listed his achievements. At last, it was Yudhishthira’s turn. The teacher looked at him expectantly. He was the most studious boy in the class.

However, Yudhisthira did not speak out loudly and confidently like the rest had done. His voice was low and he seemed to find it difficult to say anything.

“Come on, Dharmaraja,” the teacher said encouragingly.” What did you do while I was away? I am sure you finished all the lessons and did some extra work too.” Yudhishthira answered in a low voice,” I studied, understood and learnt only one sentence, Sir.” Dronacharya was stunned. He could hardly believe his ears.” Just one sentence?”, he asked. “Yes, Sir. I could master only one sentence in this short time,” Yudhishthira repeated.

What had happened to Yudhishthira? Why had he spent the whole fortnight learning just one sentence? Yudhishthira was older than all the other pupils and he ought to have worked the hardest. Dronacharya had expected him to serve as an example to the others.

But, here was the boy shamelessly declaring that a fortnight was not enough to complete the task set by the teacher! Guru Drona was very puzzled.

He didn’t like scolding his pupils. He was never unfair or unreasonable. The children also liked him. They always obeyed him. But, now they had worried frowns on their foreheads. Everyone expected the teacher to be very angry with Yudhishthira. They knew that he would have to scold Yudhishthira for his laziness. The children were whispering to each other now. “Will he punish Yudhishthira? How will he punish him? What will he ask him to do? Will he excuse him?

After all, this is the first time that he hasn’t done his work,” they said. The guru looked sternly at Yudhishthira. “Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”, he roared. “Everyone in this class is younger than you. They have worked hard and completed the work set by me.

And you ….. you….” He stopped and wiped his face. His hair was standing on end. His face was shining with perspiration. He was trembling with fury. Yudhishthira’s face remained quiet and tranquil.” Sir, I can’t help it. I could finish only this much.” The teacher lost his patience.”

How naughty you are!”, he shouted.” You are not only lazy but brazen too. Aren’t you ashamed of yourse1f?” Yudhishthira remained calm and tranquil. “I am sorry to disappoint you, Sir”, he said,” I could study only this much.” Now all the little princes in the class were very worried.

“Stupid Yudhishthira!”, they thought.” First he doesn’t do his work and then he argues with the teacher. He will surely get into a lot of trouble, they said to each other nodding wisely. The teacher could not control himself any longer.

He said angrily,” I am going to punish you for your disobedience. You have not only lazy, you are being rude and unrepentant too!” Again Yudhishthira said in a low voice, remaining calm and cool,” I am sorry to disappoint you, Sir. I could only study this much.” The whole class was surprised. They all liked Yudhishthira. They liked their teacher too. Why didn’t Yudhishthira apologize? The teacher would forgive him.

He could do the work now and they would help him. Everyone would be happy once again. Yudhishthira was shamed and scolded. But, the more the teacher scolded him the more he smiled. It suddenly occurred to the teacher that something was not quite right. Perhaps, Yudhishthira had done something very unusual-why was he smiling even when he was being scolded? “What is this sentence that you learnt?”, he asked.

Yudhishthira brought out his book and showed the sentence. CONTROL YOUR ANGER! In one flash the teacher and all the pupils understood what Yudhishthira had done. He had not just learnt the sentence. He had actually practiced what he had learnt. It had taken him fifteen days to master his anger.

We Should Have To Study Like Yudhisthira

Guru Drona’s eyes filled with tears when he realized how wise Yudhishthira was. He embraced the boy. “My son,” he said,” forgive me for having been unjust. Today you have taught me how lessons should be studied. If everyone was like you, the World would be a heaven on earth.”

Yudhishthira Message – teaches us what is real learning, we reads only words or sentence and then we memorized them but this is not real learning. The real learning is like this Yudhishthira.

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