The List Of Blinds – Akbar Birbal 3 Long Stories in English

Akbar Birbal 3 Best Big Long Stories in English

Three best stories of akbar birbal in long.

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The List of blind people – Wisdom Of Birbal

Long big stories – Once Akbar asked his courtiers if they thought that number of blind citizens in the kingdom had grown and now overtaken the population. Everyone replied that there are very few blind people in the city. However Birbal replied that the number of blind people was definitely more than everyone else. He requested Akbar to given him a week’s time to prove it.

Next day, Birbal went to the town market and sat near a tree mending his shoes. People were astonished to see him doing such work. They went to him and asked, “Birbal, what are you doing?”

Every time someone asked this question, Birbal noted their name on a paper. It continued for a week and on the 7th day king Akbar himself asked Birbal the same question. Giving him no answer, Birbal reported at the court the next day and handed over a note to Akbar.

Akbar read the note and found that it was a big list of people who were blind. He was stunned to find his own name on the list. Angrily he asked Birbal why his name was included on the list.

Birbal said, “Your Majesty! Like all other people you also saw me mending shoes but you still asked me what I was doing. Therefore I had to include your name too.”Akbar saw the point in Birbal’s statement for often we behave as a blind person even if we have good eyes.

Messages – This is true story same things happens with us everyday if we are eating something then people will ask, what are you doing ????

Stars and Mustard – Counting Of Stars

The friendship between Akbar and Birbal was well known. Birbal was very popular among the poets and pundits in the court of Akbar. Akbar was so intimate with Birbal. Both of them used to sit hours together and spend time in happy mood. There were thousands of humorous conversations between them. The following are a few of them.

One day while walking in his palace, Akbar looked at the shining stars on the sky. Then he got a naughty idea. He laughed at his own idea. The next day Akbar attended his court as usual. All the dignitaries settled at their allotted places. Birbal sat beside the emperor. Then Akbar recollected the idea he got in the previous night and addressed the members of the court.

“Look, I wanted to present one thousand gold coins to anybody who can count the stars in the sky and tell me the exact number. I will give fifteen days time for this”. While announcing it, Akbar looked at Birbal cheerfully. Birbal reciprocated. Fifteen days passed. On the sixteenth day everybody attended the court. But Birbal was not present. Everyone including the emperor was awaiting Birbal.

After five minutes Birbal entered the court along with a servant. The servant was carrying a small bundle. Birbal greeted the emperor. The servant had kept the bundle in the middle of the court and left the place. The emperor asked Birbal about the content of the bundle.

Birbal got up from his seat and replied, My lord! I brought the stars from the sky, which you asked for. It was very difficult for me to count orally. I tried to put it on paper. But I could not do so. So, I kept a bag of mustard by my side. After counting each star I placed a mustard seed in the bag. I have been doing all these fifteen days.

The stars in the sky are as many as the mustard seeds in this bag”. Saying so, Birbal opened the bag and poured all the mustard seeds as a heap. Akbar looked at Birbal with a smile and said, “It seems that they are so many. Do you say that the stars are as many as these mustards seeds?” Birbal replied, “My lord! There is no wonder in that. Your doubt can be clarified if

Akbar looked at Birbal with a smile and said, “It seems that they are so many. Do you say that the stars are as many as these mustards seeds?” Birbal replied, “My lord! There is no wonder in that. Your doubt can be clarified if you get counted the mustard seeds first and then the stars. Akbar could not help laughing at the wit of Birbal. He presented one thousand gold coins to him.

Dilawarkhan’s Want’s Birbal Seat Long Story

Dilawarkhan was the brother-in-law of Akbar. He was a very proud man. He always thought that others should respect him. He was jealous of Birbal and wanted to replace him as the minister in Akbar’s court. He kept pursuing Akbar through his sister, the queen. Finally Akbar relented and agreed to make him the minister provided he defeats Birbal next day in the court.

The proud Dilawarkhan already started making grand future plans, as he believed that he could easily outwit Birbal. Next day in the court, Akbar said, “Dilawarkhan I will make you minister right away if you can just answer my one

question.” Dilawarkhan replied, “I am ready for any question as I know I am the smartest guy in this court and can answer any difficult question.” Akbar smiled and asked, “The court is filled with so many people today. Just tell me , at this very moment, what are they thinking?” The question shocked Dilawarkhan, he hesitated and replied,

” But how is it possible to know what one is thinking? For only God and the person himself knows what they are thinking? I am sure no one can answer this question. I challenge that even your favorite Birbal cannot answer this question?”

Akbar looked at Birbal and asked, “Can you take this challenge and answer this question, Birbal?” Birbal bowed and said, “This is a very simple question Your Majesty! At this moment, everyone in the court is thinking and praying for only your happiness and prosperity.

They are thinking that if you are happy and if you prosper, they will in turn be happy. You can confirm with them”. “Yes, we do, your Majesty!”, replied everyone in chorus. Needless to say, Dilawarkhan was left red-faced and he never dared again asked to replace Birbal.

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