The Dream – Witty Tales Of Birbal in English

The Dream – Witty Tales Of Birbal

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Ramu had a dream that he had taken a loan of a hundred gold coins from his wealthy neighbor, Keshav. He dreamt that he was spending the money on expensive clothes and tasty food. He bought himself a horse riding on it around town.

Even after waking up, he could not forget the dream. He had neither enjoyed himself so much nor he had such a lovely dream ever in his life. As he was going for work, he met Keshav.

Seeing his neighbor, he stopped him and narrated the entire dream to him. He said in the end, “You were so generous. When I had asked you for the loan, you had gone into the house and got the money.

You had not even told me when to return it.” Keshav listened to the dream very carefully and then replied, “Is that so? Then I better ask you when you are going to return the money.” “What! What are you talking about? Return which money?”

“You were the one who just told me that you had taken some money from me. Now tell me, when you are planning to return it.” “This is utter nonsense.

It was only a dream. How can I return something that I have not even taken?” The argument started attracting the crowd. Soon, it was brought in front of the Emperor. This was the first time that such a case had come to him.

Akbar was curious to know how Birbal would solve such a case. Birbal asked one of the guards to get a mirror and a bag of gold coins. When it was brought to him, he asked the guard keep the mirror straight up.

He then held the Bag of gold coins in front of it. Next, he said to Keshav, “Okay, my dear fellow. You can take your gold coins.” Keshav greedily ran towards Birbal.

It was then that Birbal stopped him and laughed, “Ha ha ha. .. Take your gold from the mirror.” What are you saying? How can I take the gold from the mirror? It is just an image,” said the surprised Keshav.

Birbal explained, “Just as the bag of gold is an image, so is a dream. The dreams are just an image of your thoughts.

You have tried to fool the poor man Ramu and take money from him. It is a grave offense. You have to give him double of what you tried to take away.” Akbar liked the judgement very much. Even the courtiers could not help but praise Birbal.

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