Top 8 Educational Moral Stories in English For Students

Great Educational Moral Stories in English For Students & Teenagers

educational moral stories in english

Read most awesome educational 8 short moral stories in English for teenagers, youngsters, kids, and students. They will teach you something great on how to live life. 

Always Keep Your Temper Under Control
Story Short

educational moral stories on temper in english

Michael rushed to the living room when he heard a cracking sound. His 5 year old son, while playing happened to hit the beautiful vase, which fell down and broke. He got mad seeing the expensive vase broken into pieces. He started shouting at and beating his son.

The child fell down and got hurt badly in the head. He was immediately taken to the hospital. The doctors tried their best, but could not save the boy. Michael realized his mistake, cried badly holding his son’s hand, and then found a note kept under his pillow.

It read, “Daddy! I am extremely sorry for breaking your precious vase. I did not know you loved the vase more than me.” Being short tempered causes us to act out of our senses and often ends up hurting our loved ones.

Never lose sensitivity to feelings and keep your temper under control.

Peaceful Mind Can Achieve More Story Of Teachers Watch

peaceful mind educational story in english

A group of school students went for a picnic in a bus along with their teacher. The teacher had to keep moving up and down in the bus to ensure that the naughty kids stay well behaved. All of a sudden, the teacher realized that she has missed her watch. The watch carried a lot of sentimental value for her as it was gifted by her best friend.

The teacher announced that the student who finds the watch will be rewarded. All the students got excited and kept running all through the moving bus in search of the watch. They finally reached the picnic destination, but could not find the teacher’s watch. The teacher The teacher lost hope as she got down the bus along with all the students.

One student asked for her permission to get into the bus once again to search for the watch. The teacher allowed him and waited for the boy to return.

In 5 minutes, the boy came jumping with the watch in his hands. The teacher was extremely pleased and asked the boy how he found it. The boy replied, “I only sat peacefully in the silent bus and tried to listen to the ticking of the watch. I looked for it in the direction the sound was coming from.”

In the hustle and bustle of our daily life, we get so worked up that we lose our peace of mind. If we take out some time to silence our mind every day, our mind can think more clearly and achieve higher results.

Behind Every Successful Team There Is Unity

Being a team player is also an important contribution to the team. I took over an existing software testing project to lead. The project had 4 teams. For the initial few days, I observed how the team was working and noticed the contribution of various resources.

One of the resources, Kate did not seem to perform well. She was not completing the test cases assigned to her, which were then being assigned to the other team members by the team lead. However, the team on the whole was performing very well.

I shifted Kate to another team, thinking the change would improve her performance. It remained the same way. However, her new team started performing quite well and the performance of her earlier team dropped. I tried this one more time by shifting her to the third team and got the same result.

I was wondering, what was there in Kate that although she herself was not completing the work, whichever team she moved to started performing quite well.

I started observing her activities closely and noticed that Kate was an excellent team player. She used to gel the entire team together and make it interesting for everyone to work in the team. Sometimes, she would crack a joke and make the environment lively.

She would initiate some team building activities that would improve the bonding of all the team members and the team members got supportive of each other. The improved cooperation and understanding among team members helped them to perform higher in a supportive and interesting environment.

True leader can make failure team to successful team and without unity in a team we can not be successful in any match or in life.

Story Of The Prince And The Giant

big and small educational moral story

Once, there was a prince who was very brave. One day, while going through a forest he came face to face with a giant.

The giant growled, ‘I am going to eat you up!’

The prince replied, ‘I will kill you with my weapons.’

The prince fought very hard. The giant was surprised.

He asked the prince, ‘Are you not afraid of me?’

The prince replied, ‘In my belly is my diamond weapon. It will cut you if you swallow me. So if I die, so will you! That is why I am not afraid of you.’

Hearing this, the giant set him free.

In reality, the prince had no diamond in his belly. He just made the story up. His quick thinking saved his life.

Moral:- Presence of mind is the best weapon to guard

The Law Of Nature Story

educational moral story on law of nature in english

Once, a river was full of many sea creatures. Sometimes, the river used to be dry and sometimes the river used to be full of water. Now, the sea creatures knew by instinct when there would be drought and when there would be rainfall. Now, there came a time when there was going to be drought.

So, the sea creatures left the river and went away to greener pastures. But a tortoise did not leave the river. He said,” I was born here and my parents also lived here, so I cannot leave this river.” When the river dried up, the tortoise buried himself in the clay. Just then, a potter came to take some clay.

His spade hit the tortoise. The tortoise cried,” Ouch! l made a mistake in staying here. This is not a safe place anymore. It is useless to cling to things. One should move on in life. ” Saying so, he ran away as fast as he could.

Moral:- Change is the law of nature, We should have to accept this law.

Accept a Mistake Gracefully

Dr. Samuel Johnson brought out a dictionary which was very well-received by the public as well as by the critics. To celebrate the success of this publication, a grand dinner party was arranged in honour of Dr. Johnson. During the party, everybody appreciated the quality and contents of the dictionary.

Dr. Johnson too charmed everyone present there with his intellectual talk about his latest work. While everybody was praising the dictionary, an old lady interrupted them, and expressed her astonishment that there was indeed an error in the great scholar’s work and pin-pointed the mistake.

She then asked, “How do you explain this lapse?” Everyone present there was shocked at this rudeness. They anxiously waited for Dr. Johnson’s reply. “Ignorance, Madam, pure ignorance. Kindly accept my humble apology.”

Message – Dr. Johnson’s humility is admirable. The first test of a great person is his humility. A humble person accepts the possibility of making a mistake due to his limitations. He does not feel insulted to acknowledge that what is known to him is very little, and what is yet to be learnt is immeasurable.

Poking Your Nose in Other People’s Affairs Might Backfire On You

A man named Rudy once lived in a small town doing laundry, mostly washing dirty linens. Rudy had a donkey and a dog. Both performed different tasks. The dog would guard Rudy’s house and accompany him whenever he went out. The donkey was used as a beast of burden.

He would carry heaps of dirty clothes on his back down to the river. When the clothes had been washed, he would carry them back to the house. After nightfall, both the dog and donkey would sleep together in the courtyard of Rudy’s house.

One night, a thief came to the house. Although a stranger had entered the house, the dog did not bark. The donkey looked at the dog with concern and said, “You can see a thief has entered the house. You should bark and wake Rudy up.” The dog replied angrily, “Don’t preach to me. I know my duty.

I have been guarding this house for many years. But Rudy is a thankless master. He does not give me enough to eat. It will serve him right if he gets robbed. Then he will realize what I mean to him.” The donkey shouted at him, “Don’t be a fool!

This is not the time to criticize Rudy. We should stand by him when he is in trouble. The thief will steal his money and maybe even kill him. Go and wake him up.” The dog answered sulkily, “Why should I care about what happens to him when he does not care about me?”

The donkey said angrily, “You are ignoring your duty. You are thankless. But I will do your duty and wake Rudy up.”The donkey started braying loudly. The thief, on hearing the noise, ran away. Rudy woke up groggy-eyed. Irritated at being disturbed, he took a stick and beat the donkey.

Moral : Poking your nose in other people’s affairs might backfire on you. Mind your own business.

Knowledge Without Commonsense – The Four Friends

Foolish Friends

Long time ago, there lived four friends in a village. Three of them were very learned, but they absolutely lacked in common sense. The fourth one, although not much learned, had a lot of common sense. He, at least, knew what was good and what was bad and was practical to quite an extent. Once the three learned friends decided to travel to far off towns and cities in order to make their fortune.

They were not ready to take their fourth friend with them, because he was not learned, but ultimately agreed to do so, considering that he was their childhood friend.Soon the four friends set out on a long journey. They walked from one city to another, looking for an opportunity to amass wealth. Once, while they were passing through a dense forest, they came across a heap of bones lying under a tree.

One of the learned friends observed the bones and said, “Here is a fine opportunity to test our knowledge. These are the bones of a tiger. Let’s bring this tiger back to life.” Then he assembled all the bones together to make it

The second learned man chanted some other mantras and put skin, flesh and blood into the skeleton. Now it looked like a tiger, but lifeless. And the third learned man got up to do the final act of putting life into the lifeless body of the animal. As he started chanting the mantras, the fourth friend shouted, “Stop! please don’t do this. It might prove dangerous to bring this beast back to life.”

“Shut up, you fool,” said all the three friends. “What do you know in the field of learning and knowledge. Better you keep your mouth shut.” “Wait a minute please,” said the fourth friend and quickly climbed up a nearby tall tree.

His three friends laughed. They put life into the lifeless body of the tiger. As soon as the huge tiger came back to life, he roared loudly and killed all the three learned men. He ate their flesh and disappeared behind the thick bushes.

Moral:- Knowledge without commonsense is Just useless

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