I Want To Die First – Birbal & Tansen Story in English

Birbal and Tansen Story in English

Tansen, the famous musician in the Moghul kingdom, visited Akbar’s court and performed his magical music. Akbar was very pleased, so he said “Ask me what you want? It shall be provided.”

The courtiers had already lured Tansen to ask for Prime Minister post. Hence, Tansen replied,” Mahaprabhu! I would be pleased to become your Prime Minister”. Now, Akbar was confused,” Tansen, I have already a Prime Minister.

Well, anyway, since you want to become my Prime Minister, I shall have to dispose him first.” He gave a letter to Tansen and called Birbal, “Birbal I want both you and Tansen to go and meet the King of Mongolia and give the letter to him personally.”

Birbal and Tansen took the letter and left to Mongolia. “Hail the King of Mongolia”, they said as they entered the place, “Your Majesty, our Emperor, Akbar the great has sent a message to you”, saying so, they gave Akbar’s letter.

The King of Mongolia read the letter anxiously. Soon, his anxiousness turned into anger. “You fools, how dare you bring this letter to me? Guards, throw these two men into the dungeons.

Cut off their heads by day break tomorrow”, he roared. Akbar had actually written that Tansen and Birbal were traitors and were to be punished.

In the dungeons both Tansen and Birbal sat in grief, not knowing what to do. As usual, Birbal sat there cooking a plan to save them out of the danger.

Soon an idea flickered. The next morning when Tansen and Birbal were taken to be executed, they started a very big quarrel.

“Why are you quarreling among yourselves?”, asked the King of Mongolia. “Your Majesty. I want to die first, but Tansen here wants to die first. How can two people die first? So, Please cut off my head first”, said Birbal. “No your Majesty! Kill me first”, said Tansen.

“Why this hurry to die?” asked the King of Mongolia. Birbal started, “Your Majesty, the chief astrologer of the Moghul empire had foretold that the first to be killed in your kingdom would be immediately reborn to become the King of Mongolia and the next would become Prime Minister.

Since we both are the favorites of our Emperor, he has actually sent us here to rule your kingdom”.

The King of Mongolia, who had strong belief in astrology, did not want to lose his kingdom. So he immediately set them free. Tansen realized his error. When they returned to the courts of Akbar he apologized for his mistake and went away. Birbal’s wisdom had once again saved him.

Hope You liked this akbar birbal and tansen story.


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