The Greedy Eater – Short Funny Story Of Birbal in English

Greedy Eater Funny Story Of Birbal

funny story of akbar birbal in english

Funny Reply Of Birbal

One day Birbal purchased some sweet berries from a fruit-seller. They were tasty and he decided to share them with Akbar and the queen.

Akbar and the queen were delighted to see the berries. The three of them sat and started enjoying the berries. Suddenly Akbar wanted to pay a prank on the queen. When Akbar looked under his chair he saw a small heap of berry seeds. He stealthily pushed the heap of seeds under the queen’s chair.

Then Akbar said, “What is this my dear queen? you are so greedy! You alone have eaten so much berries.” The queen suddenly had a long face and she did not know what to answer.

Birbal looked here and there. When he looked under Akbar’s chair there was no seed. So, Birbal replied, “Your Highness, the queen was at least greedy, But see yourself. You have eaten all the berries including its seeds. “Now it was Akbar’s turn to have a long face.

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