Story Of Prince Dhruv – Sahasi Bhakt Story in English

Bhakt Dhruv Story in English On Bhakti

Emperor Uttanpad had two queens, named Suniti and Suruchi. Suniti was the elder one. The name of her son was Dhruv. Suruchi was the younger queen and was an apple of the eye of the king Uttanpad, and Uttam was the name of her son. One day when Uttam was sitting in the lap of the king, Dhruv also came there and insisted and wished to sit in the king’s lap.

At this queen Suruchi said, “Be off and go away, Dhruv. If you wish to sit in the lap of king, you should have been my son.” On hearing this, Dhruv was disappointed.He went to his mother and complained about it.

After hearing all about this, queen Suniti said, “Dhruv my son, do not be worried and upset. After all, she is also your mother.” “Mother, is there anyone who is greater than my father in the world?”

Dhruv asked. She replied, “Yes, my son, Lord Vishnu is much greater than your father.” “Then mother, I should go there and sit in his lap.” After saying this, Dhruv left for forest. In the forest, Narad Muni met him.

Narad Muni asked him where he was going, At this, Dhruv narrated the whole story. Narad Muni said, “My son, you must do penance and repeat the words ‘Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya’ while meditating.

Lord Vishnu will be pleased by it.” Young Dhruv did what Narad Muni had told him. In the first month, Dhruv ate only herbs and berries from wild trees once in three days. Then, he took it once in six days and he used to eat only dry grass and leaves in the second month. In the third month, he took food once in 9 days and stayed only on water and in the fifth month, he stopped eating and drinking altogether.

He stood on one foot as instructed by Narad Muni. This news spread far and wide and reached Devlok also. The Gods rushed to Lord Vishnu and prayed him to come to the rescue of child Dhruv. Lord Vishnu went to see Dhruv, “My son, what is your wish?” asked Lord Vishnu.

Dhruv said, ”My Lord, you know each and everything as you are the protector of the world. I am really blessed to see you; what must I ask for?” Lord Vishnu became pleased and smiled.

He said, “You are not only a devout, but intelligent too. I want to bless you with a boon that as long as stars shine in the sky, your name will shine in the universe.

Not only this, but all stars and planets will also revolve around you. You will also guide the travellers from the sky whenever they lose their path.” This is the story about Dhruv Tara or the Pole Star. Later on, Dhruv came back to his parents.

A long time passed by. Dhruv and Uttam grew into young men. Dhruv was married to Bhumi, the daughter of Prajapati Shishu Kumar. They had two sons, Kalp and Vastar.

Uttam did not marry. After some time Dhruv again married Ila, the daughter of Vayu. They had a son named Utakal and a daughter. Once Uttam went to a forest for hunting. There he had a fight with Yakshas in which Uttam was killed.

Queen Suruchi could not tolerate the death of her son and also left for heaven. Dhruv was very upset and angry at this turn of event. He wanted to take revenge for Uttam’s death.

Dhruv declared that he would destroy all the Yakshas for one of them had killed his beloved brother. After the declaration Dhruv reached Alkapuri, where all Yakshas were living. He went there all alone.

He blew his conch so loudly that the sound reverberated throughout the city. Yakshraj enquired about it and came to know about Dhruv’s resolve.

Soon, many Yakshas surrounded Dhruv when he was all alone. Yaksharaj also went to fight with Dhruv. All the Yakshas could neither touch his chariot nor harm him. Dhruv took out his celestial bow and fought with other celestial weapons.

Soon, many Yakshas were killed. Others left the battlefield in panic. Now Yaksharaj used his magical tricks and weapons and soon there was a shower of flesh and blood from the sky. Now Dhruv took his Narayana Astra and threw it in the direction of Yaksharaj.

Yaksharaj was killed by the Narayana Astra. All the magical tricks ended in failure and Yaksharaj lay dead. Then Gods showered flowers on Dhruv. He went back to his kingdom. He was victorious and everyone greeted the brave and courageous Dhruv.


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