10 Short Inspirational Stories in English (Transform Your Life Now)

Greatest Short Motivational & Inspirational Stories on Life in English

short motivational stories in english, short inspirational stories in english

World top 10 best mostly recommended short motivational and inspirational stories with morals that can change you thinking and life in english language. Stories have power to change a negative life into positive life.

To Realize Our True Potential, We Need To Step Out Of Our Comfort Zone

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Little John noticed a pigeon nest in the backyard of his house. He observed for various days how the mother pigeon hatched the egg and nurtured the baby pigeon as it grew until it had well developed body and wings.

One day, John witnessed an amazing incident. Mother pigeon flew with the baby pigeon on her back and then in between left the baby pigeon on its own without any support.

The baby pigeon flapped its wings and soon was swiftly flying on its own. Similarly, in our lives, we are capable of flying to great heights if we force ourselves out of our comfort zone. Always remember we are the part of infinity we can achieve everything.

Limiting Beliefs Inspirational Story On Abilities

Tamed Lion – How Limiting Beliefs Impact Our Abilities.

Simon had two cats and one lion as his pet animals. All three were kept in the same cage and were staying without any disturbance. His friend, Arthur was amazed to see this and asked Simon how is it that the lion lives with the cats and does not eat them. Simon answered, “I have this lion with me since its birth.

I had kept it under close observation when it was young. I used to give it plants/ vegetables etc. to eat in a pot. Whenever it tried to eat anything outside the pot or hit any other animal, I hit it with a whip. This happened many times and finally it stopped hitting anyone or eating anything outside of the given pot.

Now, I do not hit it anymore, but it does not even attempt to hit any other animal. It only eats plants and vegetables that I serve in the same pot. It does not even know that it can kill animals and eat flesh.”

Similarly, we all carry many limiting beliefs that impact our abilities. We are capable of much more than we think. “Fa too many peoples have no idea what they can do, because all they’ve been told is what they can’t do.” Don’t limit yourself you are the source of infinity. Also Read : Being Limited by Conditioning

Bumble Bee – Impossible To Possibles Inspiring Story

Wings Of Bumble-bee

According to the expert scientists, The Body Of Bumble bee is too much heavy and its wings span too small. Aerodynamically, bumblebee is not able to fly with his wings. But the bumblebee is unaware about this and it keeps flying without any problem.

Here Same Thing is Happening with us. we have no limitation. We can do everything.

Bumblebee is still able to fly because  he is unaware of his weakness. Only our attitude and thinking make’s difference. Just keep this word in your mind – Impossible _  Means Im+Possible

This is our true nature “we can do what we think, there is only need of passion to fly, Simply just be aware of your possibilities, and be unaware about your weakness.”

Motivational Story On Clear Goals

Have Clear And Big Goals Setting Story

Jack and Richard were school classmates and very good friends. One day, both of them were discussing what they wanted to become once they grow old. Jack said, “I want to become a successful businessman.” Richard asked, “What kind of business?” Jack said, “Not sure as of now, but a good business.” Richard said, “I want to have a big 2000 yards mall with 5 floors.”

He drew the map of the mall and showed Jack what its elevation would look like, how it will have open space at the centre on each floor, where the dining area would be and what kind of shops it would have. Jack laughed at Richard and suggested him to have realistic goal.

He said, “You need a lot of money for this kind of mall. You belong to a normal middle class family. You are an average student. There is no way you can realize this goal.” Twenty years later, Jack started his boutique. Since he was not getting much business, he decided to run his boutique in a mall. He identified one big mall in the centre of a city with excellent ambience and attracting huge crowd.

He decided to meet the owner of the mall to get some space on rent. When he was introduced to the owner of the mall, it was none other than his old classmate, Richard. He realized that the mall looked exactly like the picture Richard painted 20 years ago when he shared his dream. If you have clarity and commitment towards your goals, your goals would have the power to realize themselves.

Age Is What You Think In Your Mind

Thomas Edison was among those few people who firmly believed that age is what you think in your mind, and you are only as old as you think you are.

On his eightieth birthday, a close friend suggested that he should now slacken his pace and should start taking time out for himself now. “You should have a hobby of some kind. Why don’t you take up golf?” said the friend.

Edison replied… “I am not old enough yet.” Even at the ripe age of eighty, Edison joked about himself being very young. Age does not depend upon the number of years spent on earth. On the contrary, it depends on how you spend those years. Age is no bar for those who have a burning desire to accomplish something great in life.

True Wisdom Shot Inspirational Story For Students

Practical Wisdom Is Far Superior To Bookish Knowledge

An illiterate cobbler had a bias against educated people. He was once visited by a professor of a college who had only one pair of shoes, and, he asked the cobbler to repair them immediately. “It is closing time,” said the cobbler, “It won’t be possible for me to repair them just now.

Why don’t you come for them tomorrow?” “I have only one pair of shoes and I can’t walk without shoes.” “Very well, I shall lend you a used pair for the day.” “What, and wear someone else’s shoes? What do you take me for?” The cobbler gave the professor an answer that left him speechless.

The cobbler said, “Why should you object to having someone else’s shoes on your feet, when you don’t mind carrying other people’s ideas in your head?”

Practical wisdom is far superior to bookish knowledge.

The Meaning Of Buddha  Enlightenment

A man came to the Buddha and asked him, “Tell me Buddha, are you a god?”

“No,” the Buddha replied. “I am not.”

“Are you an angel, then?” he prodded. “No, I am not.”

“Are you a prophet?” he asked. “No, not a prophet either,” was the calm reply.

“Well, what are you then?” he demanded. Whereupon the Buddha answered…

The Buddha said, “I am awake.” .

Most of us are not awake but in perpetual slumber. We are not aware of our own thoughts, feelings and actions. We function like automatons; we behave like machines. To be enlightened, we must be like those who are aware and awake.

Developing Self-Control – Short Inspiring Story On Life

This is the story of a horse and its rider. The horse was galloping at full speed, almost running over a poor passer by. This bystander, amazed at the wild sight, cried to the rider, “Where are you going?” The rider’s answer was…“Don’t ask me, ask my horse.”

Most peoples lead their lives like this horse rider, without exercising any self-control over their actions. Self-control should be meticulously cultivated in one’s life because through self-control comes temperance.

In our modern age of haste and unrest, it is considered rather old-fashioned to advocate temperance in its true sense but its worth should not be ignored. So from now you should have to start self control on yourself.

Being Limited by Conditioning – The Elephant Rope

Have you ever noticed that in the circus, the big elephants are tied to a wooden stake with just a thin rope around their leg, while the baby elephants are held captive by strong metal chains that are tied to a long metal stake driving deep into the ground?

Could you explain the reason Why ?

The baby elephants must be tied up securely with chains because they keep trying to get away. Eventually, when the baby elephant stops tugging at the metal, it may be replaced with a wooden one, because by then, the baby elephant will be effectively conditioned to believe that he cannot get away.

Moral – As human beings, we are also limited by restrictive belief systems. We are so misguided by our perceptions that we become limited not by actual reality, but by reality as we perceive it.

Don’t Go To Extremes Follow A Middle Path

When the Buddha first embarked upon his spiritual quest, he practiced many austerities. The path to spiritual enlightenment was surely not a bed of roses. He believed at that time, that the gateway to spiritualism was through tapas (sacrifices) and austerities.

To do this, he was too harsh on his own self. One day, he was sitting in deep meditation under a tree. His meditation was disturbed by two musicians talking to each other. One was saying to the other: “Do not tighten too much the strings of your sitar, lest they snap. Nor should you keep them too loose either, otherwise they will produce no music.” These words revealed a deep secret to the Buddha and he altered his way of life accordingly.

Don’t go to extremes. Follow a middle path if you want to succeed.

Anything done in extreme is bad. Everything done in moderation has greater chances of being implemented right up to the end.

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